Srdjan Solkotovic


My love for basketball started when I saw my dad play basketball with his former teammates/friends. Most of my family are into sports so naturally I enjoyed the game from the start. Truth be told I switched sports, a lot of them, until I came back to basketball in my freshmen year(first year of high school).  Being a skinny athletic guy from a small town in a big new city, well big for me, I have experienced the difference of the drive and hunger you need to have to make it pro. It took me far enough, enough to play outside my country, but also far enough to injure myself.

As any other coaches story, this is where mine starts, torn acl, recovery, and then a start of a wonderful coaching career that is still prevalent  to this day.

This is a small summary of my playing career and coaching career.


  • KK Semendria
  • KK Djerdap
  • SCM U Craiova
  • KK Djerdap


  • Z.K.K. Djerdap – Kladovo
  • K.K. Djerdap – Kladovo
  • C.S. Heart – Drobeta Turnu-Severin
  • Youth Global Basketball Club – Jingzhou & Xianning
  • Youth Basketball Development League – Zhuhai & Jiangmen
  • United States Basketball Academy – Foshan
  • Slam Basketball Academy – Bucharest
  • Z.K.K. Djerdap – Kladovo
  • Slam Basketball Academy – Bucharest


  • A.S.G. Camp – Kladovo
  • Kasta Camp – Rudnik
  • Monkey King Summer & Winter Camp – Jinangmen
  • Superhero  Summer Camp – Zhuhai
  • M.B.A. Camp – Kladovo
  • Baz’n Camp – Marseille


My full cv you can find here : Srdjan Solkotovic Basketball Coach CV