Coaching Basketball In France

Baze’n Camp (2023)

It was a pleasure working with Baz’n Camp in Marsellie, loved the atmosphere and the professionalism. I worked with the U14, U12 groups and did some individual practices with professional players helping out coach Miroslav Zlatkovic and Danilo Bjelic. Below you will find the amazing fruit of our work!

Coached with: Miroslav Zlatkovic, Danilo Bjelic, Panayiotis Yiannaras, Xiavi Pardina, Peyton Guilford, Malaquias A. Canery, Francois Roussel, Theo Argiro, Martynas Kriauciunas, Nasim Baziz, Jay Riken, Keshawa Perera, Lucas Hautot, Mohamed Toure.