Coaching Basketball in Romania

Teams Coached:

C.S. Heart – Drobeta Turnu-Severin(2016/17)

A very special place in my heart as it is the first international coaching opportunity that I had. I remember vividly sitting down with now a good friend of mine coach Liviu Zaharia. He is what you would call the go-to person for Basketball in Drobeta Turnu-Severin! Making events for his kids, taking them to camps, to competitions, making events for the national team, and so many more. Basically a One-Man Basketball Machine. I am happy that he is slowly growing and creating the club he desires. It is though to work in a smaller town due to lack of motivation to play basketball professionally, but he is giving his very best and I can tell that the players appreciate it.

Coached with: Liviu Zaharia



Slam Basketball Academy – Bucharest(2019/20 – 2022/Present)

SBA was my second team in Romania that I coached for. I just got back to China in 2019 and considered a few options in my life from which Slam Basketball Academy won as it was a country I was more familiar with and I could work with the older teams. I worked with all generations in this club starting from U18 to U10. The Academy prides it self as one of the oldest in the country, founded by Liviu Puicu in 1999 in Bucharest.

Coached with: Teodor Zaharia, Ispas Bogdan, Lili Barbu, David Foca, Aleksandru Badulescu, Alin Achim, Andrei Hanes, Cristian Andronic, Alin Yuga, Adelina Lovasz.